Short Articles to Get You Started

The Ultimate Me-Time for New Parents
Two simple practices for parents that can turn your energy around to better connect with your little one.
Mindful Parenting, Made Simple
Five doable mindfulness practices for busy parents.
How to Meditate While Raising Kids
Caring for young children doesn’t leave much room for meditation unless you allow your practice, and yourself, to evolve.
Goodnight Metta: A Bedtime Meditation for Kids
How to incorporate a lovingkindness practice into your children’s evening routine.
How Practice Can Actually Get Better after Having Children
Even in the daily insanity of parenthood, your Buddhist practice can thrive: it’s all about how you see it.
Hellooo… Anybody Home?
Shifting your kids’ attention from screens to the real world.
Authentic Love
Seeing and communicating clearly in love and marriage.
How to Create a Dharma Culture at Home
Sacred space, the five senses, and personal composure: three modalities for building a culture of dharma in the home.
Meditating… with Kittens!
A lighthearted moment, reflecting on two surprising little dharma teachers who’ve come into Sumi’s life.
Let’s Talk: A Family Affair
A new model for family-centered dharma communities.
Virtual Virtual Reality: on social media and Buddhism’s next generation(s)
The effects of social media on the next generation, and how dharma teachers can adapt to this change.

Mindful Parenting: Nurturing an Intentional, Compassionate Family
Video Series (15-min each, with transcript below)

  1. Becoming a Mindful Parent
  2. Introducing Mindfulness to Children
  3. Mindful Parenting on the Spot
  4. Working at Deeper Levels for Deeper Healing