Singing is a fabulous way for children to absorb values and ideas. Music gives expression to our inner spiritual world, and singing with others gives collective expression to spiritual community.

The Sitting Together Book Set includes a Songbook with 58 songs. These songs are perfect for children and families because they’re simple and easy to learn. The quickest way to learn these songs is to listen to them using the links below. You can use the Sitting Together Curriculum Songbook for lyrics and guitar chords.

Some of the songs have hand motions or movements. For a listing of those songs and movement links, scroll down to the Songbook: Hand & Dance Motions section of this page.

Sitting Together Songbook

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Welcoming ClassListen, Listen     
Lesson Plan
Song TitleCDBaby
Planting Seeds
(Full album, 29 songs -- songs not sold individually: $9.95)
Other Site
(only available
here) FREE
Website for
More Music
1.1 Breathing MeditationBreathing In, Breathing OutLinkLinkLink to full CD download
1.2 Mindfulness of the SensesIn, Out, Deep, SlowLink to full CD download
1.3 Mindfulness of the BodyThe Island WithinLink to full CD download
1.4 Walking MeditationThe Mind Can Go In A Thousand DirectionsLink
1.5 Mindfulness of EmotionsMy Mind Is a Clear Blue SkyLinkLink
1.6 Mindfulness of ThoughtsHappiness Is Here and NowLink to full CD download
1.7 Pebble MeditationPebble Meditation SongLinkLinkLink
1.8 Stone SoupMealtime MeditationLink
2.1 FamilyLove Makes a FamilyLinkLink
2.2 Acts of KindnessMay You Be HappyLinkLink
2.3 FriendsMay the Day Be WellLink to full CD download
2.4 Circle of KindnessMake New FriendsLinkLink
2.5 Anger & ForgivenessMay My Mind Turn to Others (lullaby version)LinkLink
2.6 Difficult PeopleRespect Polka (Wow Wow Bow)LinkLinkLink
2.7 All BeingsLoving KindnessLinkLinkLink
2.8 Kindness around the WorldI Am Free (Freedom of the Heart)Link
3.1 OverviewThe Five Precept SongLinkLink
3.2 Not Harming & CompassionThe Two PromisesLinkLinkLink to full CD download
3.3 Not Stealing & GratitudeSong of GratitudeLink
3.3 Not Stealing & GratitudeGratitudeLink
3.3 Not Stealing & GratitudeGratefulLinkLinkLink
3.4 FriendshipsHappy Birthday, Buddha!LinkLinkLink
3.5 Harmful & Wise SpeechSeedsLink
3.6 Wise Speech & ListeningGatha for Listening to BellLink to full CD download
3.7 Healthy ChoicesYou Are What You EatLinkLinkLink
4.1 Overview & GenerosityGiveLinkLinkLink
4.2 The Golden RuleThe Golden RuleLinkLink
4.3 PatienceJust BreatheLink
4.4 EffortSmall Doins’LinkLinkLink
4.5 Learning from DifficultyPeace Like a RiverLink
4.6 WisdomNo Coming, No GoingLink to full CD download
4.7 EquanimityDoors Closing, Doors OpeningLink
4.7 EquanimityUnder That Bodhi TreeLinkLinkLink
4.7 EquanimityEverything Will Be All RightLinkLink
5.1 Trees & ForestsI Love NatureLinkLinkLink to full CD downloadLink
5.2 Kindness for TreesMy Roots Go DownLinkLink
5.3 Kindness for ForestsStanding Like a Tree (Snatum Kaur version)Link
5.3 Kindness for ForestsStanding Like a Tree (Betsy Rose version)LinkLink
5.4 InterbeingWe’ve Got the Whole WorldLink
5.5 ReforestationPlanting a Seed of PeaceLinkLink
N/AA Smile with Every BreathLink
N/AComing Back to Your HomeLink
N/APeacefully FreeLink to full CD download
N/AThe Metta SuttaLink
N/AFree the HeartLinkLink
N/AI Am Sending You LightLink
N/AThe Way of the HeartLinkLink
N/AThe Way of the Heart (v2)LinkLink
N/AThe River is FlowingLinkLink
N/AThanks BeLinkLink
N/ASangha ‘Round the Campfire (Metta Round)LinkLinkLink
N/ALet GoLinkLinkLink
N/AThe Four Noble TruthsLinkLinkLink
N/AEyes of LightLinkLink
Lyrics not in Songbook but RecommendedWe All Need More Kindness in This WorldLink
Lyrics not in Songbook but RecommendedMetta for MusicLink

Additional Music

Here are additional songs with excellent spiritual themes for all ages and communities. Note that the lyrics and guitar chords for additional music do not appear in the Sitting Together Songbook.

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Song TitleCDBaby ($0.99/song)iTunes ($0.99/song)Musician Website
(free; song only
available here)
Planting Seeds CD
Download Full $9.95
Website for
More Music
We All Need More Kindness in this WorldnoneLink
We Are Peace (People)noneLink
We Are the Light of the WorldnonenoneLink

The Sitting Together Book Set has a Songbook with 58 songs, including lyrics and guitar chords. For the audio of each song, see the Songbook table above. Some of the songs also have hand and/or body movements, with details below.

Breathing In, Breathing Out

From mindfulfilms, with Lauren Kinnersley.
Video »

I Love Nature

The full version with hand motions.
Video »

My Mind Is a Clear Blue Sky

  • Right hand crosses midline to touch left knee, then arcs up and over to the right like a rainbow.
  • Repeat with left hand to right knee.
  • Two hands/arms extended in front, soft fists, bouncing along like clouds.
  • Repeat rainbow arcing right and left.
  • (Same as above.)
  • (Fingers extend in front, wiggle busily back and forth, or open and close fingers like a chattering bird.
  • (Use your/their imagination from here on!)
  • (Hands/arms extend forward like an embrace, and “scoop” air toward body.
  • (Reverse process — release air away from body.)

Standing Like a Tree