Children’s Lesson Plans

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If you are teaching from the Sitting Together Curriculum Set, several lesson plans have an online component. Below are the links you need for those lesson plans. Have fun!

For lesson plan storybooks, as well as how to find them at your local library, go to the Storybooks & Reading page »

Welcoming Class

Get more details on how to conduct a Class Agreement from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s children’s curriculum:
Class agreement »

Lesson 1.3

The Island Within (Island of the Self) audio:
The best version is Track 3 of the Planting Seeds album, which is available for download for $9.95 (29 songs) from
Track 3 »
Alternate version »

Lesson 1.7

Lesson 2.5

Sesame Street, “Belly Breathe” with Elmo by Common and Colbie Caillat
Video »

Lesson 3.2

The Lion Whisperer: African lions accept a man as one of their own
Video »

Lesson 3.3

Mr Bean Steals the Cake
Video »

Lesson 3.4

Dog and elephant are friends
Video »

Lesson 4.5

How to make a paper lotus flower
Video »

Lesson 5.1

Pocahontas: Listen with Your Heart
Video »

Lesson 5.2

Tree Guide
Web page »

Lesson 5.3

Video »

Lesson 5.4

The Lorax: Danny Devito Speaks for the Trees
Video »

Additional Crafts & Activities

Bodhisattva Glasses: Video related to craft, “Get Service”
Video »