Meditating Together

Learn how to enrich your family’s spiritual development by meditating and practicing mindfulness together.

Integrate Buddhist wisdom into your family life with the most effective teaching methods for children.

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The Book

Sitting Together: A Family-Centered Curriculum on Mindfulness, Meditation, and Buddhist Teachings, by Sumi Loundon Kim, is a three-volume book set that provides children’s lesson plans, an activity book, and an adult study guide for parents and teachers. GET THE BOOK »

About the book

Overview of Curriculum

For Parents

For Educators

“When our families are tended with mindfulness and compassion, our lives and the lives of our children flourish.”

Sitting Together: the Curriculum Set

Adult Study Guide

 Sitting Together: Adult Study Guide

Sitting Together: Adult Study Guide

36 lesson plans including meditation practices, homework, readings, and questions for parents, teachers, and group study. Details »

Children’s Lesson Plans

 Sitting Together: Children′s Lesson Plans

Sitting Together: Children′s Lesson Plans

36 lesson plans with meditation exercises, stories, crafts, songs, and games. Details »

Activity Book

 Sitting Together: Activity Book

Sitting Together: Activity Book

56 coloring pages, puzzles, and fun activities to accompany children’s lesson plans. Details »

Book Reviews

“In Sitting Together, Sumi Loundon Kim has created a wonderfully rich mindfulness curriculum for families. She weaves together her great wisdom and compassion and a strong base of practical, real life experience….” — Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness

“Sumi Kim’s whole life has gone into the making of this wondrous curriculum. Realistic, sensitive, thorough, it gives you all you need to expand your parental heart, hone your parental skills, and share with your children the joys of simple spiritual practice….” — Norman Fischer, author of What is Zen?

“Spirituality matters when it comes to raising resilient children and parents often ask me for a soup to nuts program that teaches spirituality to kids. Kudos to Sumi for delivering just that!…” — Susan Kaiser-Greenland , author of The Mindful Child and co-founder of Inner Kids

“As one would expect in a book from Buddhist teacher Sumi Loundon Kim, warmth, wisdom, humor and insight shine from its pages. I am deeply grateful that Sitting Together has been given to our world.” — Ven. Phap Hai, senior monastic disciple of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and author of Nothing to It